Breakfast at The James Place Inn in Freeport, ME

We offer a full breakfast every day!

If hospitality is a gift you give your guests then breakfast is the bow on the box. We are committed to featuring local products when possible. Our vendors currently include:

    • King Arthur flour and dry goods, in Norwich Vermont. Bill went to their four-day bread class and the scones, muffins and French toast bread we offer for breakfast are a direct result of that experience.
    • The original owners of the inn worked with Coffee By Design in Portland Maine to create a robust and flavorful blend appropriately named after the James Place. There’s no reason to fix something that isn’t broken.
    • The bacon and sausage are from Bisson Farm and Meats in Topsham Maine. We tasted the difference from the day we switched to their products.
    • Sunflower Farm Creamery in Cumberland Maine produces incredibly delicate chevre in small batches that we use in our quiche and frittata recipes. Yoga with the baby goats is a happy byproduct of the relationship.
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  • What do you do with 80,000 maple trees? Our syrup comes from Maine Maple Products in Madison.
  • The Karonis family opened Skordo right around the corner from the inn in Freeport and we are incredibly fortunate they did. Since we discovered their spice blends we’ve received positive comments on the enhanced flavors of our scones, waffles, and bacon.  Unfortunately, their lease was up and you now have to go to Portland or order online to get their products.
  • Arthur Harvey is an organic farmer in Hartford Maine and he supplies most of our blueberries. He sued the Department of Agriculture – and WON!
  • We’re watching the post-news shows one weekend evening and on comes this story about a Portland-based company that’s been producing vanilla flavoring for over one hundred years! It took us by surprise so we tracked it down in the grocery store and the flavor took us by surprise again! We’re not going to say that Bill has been getting more compliments on his scones since we started using Dolan Flavoring’s Mount Williams vanilla but you can be the judge the next time you visit.
  • European Bakery and Tea Room – A friend bought us a surprise birthday cake from here and we’ve been hooked ever since. While they do traditional cakes, their torte offerings are the true artistry as our cake contained fresh seasonal fruit and whipped cream icing. We liked it so much that we’re changing our birthday and surprise packages to be sourced from here. You will not be disappointed!
  • Gladly accommodate vegetarian, gluten-free, and other dietary needs.

You may choose to eat on the deck… or in the dining room!