Exploring the Haunts of Stephen King: A Tour of Maine’s Spooky Sites

In the literary world, few names evoke a sense of dread and fascination quite like Stephen King. Known as the master of horror, King has enthralled readers for decades with his spine-tingling tales set in the fictional towns of Maine. For fans of the macabre, there’s no better way to experience the eerie allure of… Read more »

Embracing Autumn’s Splendor: Watching the Leaves Change in Maine

As summer fades into memory and the air turns crisp, there’s no better time to experience the breathtaking beauty of autumn in Maine. With its picturesque landscapes, vibrant foliage, and charming towns, Maine comes alive with color during the fall months, offering a spectacle that draws visitors from near and far. For those seeking a… Read more »

A Short History of Our Little Corner of Freeport

Since we moved to Freeport we’ve been fascinated about the history of our property.  With the help of the Historical Society, we’ve been able to nail it down with a relative degree of certainty. In the beginning Our lot was originally part of a larger parcel owned by the town doctor, Ephraim Hyde.  The doctor… Read more »

Thanks to Chilton Furniture!

It pays to have friendly neighbors. We wanted to be productive during all the recent COVID-19 downtime so one of the big projects we undertook was updating the furniture in most of the guest rooms.  We loved the sleigh bed in Taupe and the 4-post bed in Rose but the other rooms were a combination… Read more »

Joyful feedback from a dear guest

One of our recent guests came to us as a get-away from a case of writer’s block. We’re happy to have made her stay as comfortable and relaxing as possible. She sent us the following which we humbly post with her permission: The Light Approaches As I sat on the patio of The James Place… Read more »

COVID-19 Safety

Just a few words to reinforce what we’re doing in these times of COVID-19 to protect your safety, our safety and the safety of our staff, which is currently our intrepid housekeeper Alexis and Bill’s mother 🙂 About the property We’re nowhere near as busy as in past summers, which allows us to put some… Read more »

Dog Days of August Special: $20 off each room night

Come spend time with us, relax in our newly furnished rooms, and enjoy a delicious breakfast. During the COVID downtime, we partnered with Chilton Furniture in Freeport and Portland Mattress Makers to update most of our rooms with beautiful Shaker-inspired furnishings! Check out our website (https://jamesplaceinn.com) for pictures. We’ve had many compliments on our changes… Read more »

ROBS Issues Part 2

I’m doing a follow-up to our last ROBS feature article in order to clear up a few issues since I’ve finally had the time to put our thoughts down on paper.  Hopefully some of you find this feedback useful. ROBS Background To start with, realize that if you’re using a ROBS, you are creating a… Read more »

Our journey to becoming innkeepers

We owe the internet a little insight into why we became innkeepers. Moving on from 9 to 5 Dissatisfaction with our prior professions and career trajectories was the starting point for both of us.  After 25 years of educating young people, Mary Ann decided to end her career.  The teaching profession has changed so much since she… Read more »

Flavors of Freeport Maine 2019

Flavors of Freeport is coming to you once again, this year February 15th-February 17th.  What a perfect gift for your Valentine! 12th Annual Flavors of Freeport Experience Flavors of Freeport for an authentic, and local culinary adventure in Freeport, Maine. Flavors of Freeport – February 15 – 17, 2019 Throughout the weekend you will find… Read more »