COVID-19 Safety

Just a few words to reinforce what we’re doing in these times of COVID-19 to protect your safety, our safety and the safety of our staff, which is currently our intrepid housekeeper Alexis and Bill’s mother 🙂

About the property

We’re nowhere near as busy as in past summers, which allows us to put some precautionary measures in place.  Your guestroom has been cleaned and all high-touch surfaces have been sanitized.  In addition, it’s been unoccupied for at least two days prior to your arrival.  We have hand sanitizer stations around the building and we recently added disinfecting wipes to each of the guestrooms.  For stays of four days or less, we won’t be refreshing the linens in your room though we are happy to provide additional towels if needed.  For longer stays we are happy to work with you on when to replace the towels and sheets.

About your behavior

We invite all of our guests to be as comfortable as possible during their stay, within the bounds of the governor’s mandates.  To that end, if you’re alone on the property then it’s your choice whether you wear a mask.  If you find yourself sharing the common areas like the sitting room or deck with other guests, then we ask that you be respectful and mask-up as well as stay socially distanced.

About breakfast

We’ve made some changes to the way we serve breakfast that so far seem to be working well.  The serve-yourself fruit, yogurt and granola bowls have been replaced with smaller servings specifically for your table.  We’re happy to bring more if needed!  Of course, the fresh-baked scones and muffins and hot offerings of eggs or pancakes or waffles are still a staple.  We’re having success with using our seating on the deck during the summer months to achieve proper social distancing.  With cooler weather around the corner, we’ll be moving indoors to our dining area.  We haven’t had the opportunity to really test this environment yet and we anticipate we may need to actually schedule breakfast sittings.