Strawberry Season is Here

Strawberries have arrived!  For the past week, we have been enjoying lots of fresh strawberries at breakfast; strawberry and yogurt parfaits; buttermilk waffles heaped with fresh strawberries and cream; strawberry muffins; and plain ol’ bowls of fresh berries!  Nothing quite says summer like berries picked fresh out of the fields, warmed by the summer sun.

Today was “jammin'” day.  After breakfast, the morning was spent making strawberry jam with all of these beautiful fresh berries.  I lost count of the number of jars of jam put up however, there is plenty to go around.  Fresh strawberry syrup was also put aside for the coming weeks.

The fresh strawberries will be around to be enjoyed for a bit yet.  Raspberries should be following right behind.  All of these fresh treats are hard to resist, but that is what vacation is all about!