Lilacs Bloom in Freeport, Maine

May has been a bit cool however, spring is finally here at James Place Inn BeLilac Buds - Photographyd and Breakfast.  The tulips are still blooming, as are the daffodils.  The lilacs are budding nicely and are expected to open in the next week or so.  Even though it has been much slower than last year, it is worth the wait.  The lilacs are one of my personal favorites.  I love to pick them for the inn, the house – wherever there might be room.  The smell is a little slice of heaven, the color is beautiful.  For a few short weeks every year we get to enjoy these beautiful flowering bushes and trees.  It doesn’t matter the type, color or size, they are all wonderful.  There is a row of lilac bushes at the end of our street that is a pleasure to walk past for weeks.  Starting in April, I check these bushes every day to see if the buds have popped yet.  To finally see the full buds is a wonderful sign of the beautiful flowers yet to be enjoyed in the next few weeks.  For all of you lilac fans out there, there is still time to come and check these out in the next few weeks, as well as everything else that Freeport, Maine has to offer.Flowers and Our Personality! ~ A Tribute To All Mothers