Month: September 2020

A Short History of Our Little Corner of Freeport

Since we moved to Freeport we’ve been fascinated about the history of our property.  With the help of the Historical Society, we’ve been able to nail it down with a relative degree of certainty. In the beginning Our lot was originally part of a larger parcel owned by the town doctor, Ephraim Hyde.  The doctor… Read more »

Thanks to Chilton Furniture!

It pays to have friendly neighbors. We wanted to be productive during all the recent COVID-19 downtime so one of the big projects we undertook was updating the furniture in most of the guest rooms.  We loved the sleigh bed in Taupe and the 4-post bed in Rose but the other rooms were a combination… Read more »

Joyful feedback from a dear guest

One of our recent guests came to us as a get-away from a case of writer’s block. We’re happy to have made her stay as comfortable and relaxing as possible. She sent us the following which we humbly post with her permission: The Light Approaches As I sat on the patio of The James Place… Read more »