Ahhh…Spring in Maine Is Here At Last

Ahhh…Spring in Maine is here at last!  It has been a long time coming this year for many of us in the Northeast.  Once it arrives, it seems it is always worth the wait.

The daytime temperatures are hovering in the 50’s and we are experiencing plenty of sunshine.  I think Spring has become my favorite season.  The air is fresh with just a bit of a breeze.  The sky is clear and blue.  Birds are everywhere.  The crocus are finally up and many other shoots are showing themselves in the flower bed.  I cannot wait to start digging in the dirt, planting, getting out the furniture…getting a bit ahead of myself as it is only one week since the snow has been gone!

A favorite activity this time of year is a good walk about town or over at our beautiful townSpring in Maine park, Winslow Park.  It is a beautiful walk and the park is not crowded.  Signs of spring can be seen there too as the caretakers are pruning trees and readying the camping area.

Take advantage of this quieter time in Freeport and throughout Maine to come visit and enjoy the quieter side of a vacation.