All Things Sweet in Freeport, Maine

For those of you holding off till this weekend for your Valentine’s Day celebration, here are a few particularly scrumptious treats found in Freeport, Maine. Be sure to indulge on your next visit to the James Place Inn!

Wicked Whoopies

While there’s some debate over whether these creme-filled cakes originated in Maine, whoopie pies are certainly a Maine tradition and we can officially say that Maine is (or was) home to the largest whoopie pie ever created (over 1,000 lbs!). This confection was baked just miles from Freeport in South Portland in March 2011. Pieces were sold to raise money to send whoopie pies to soldiers over-seas.

Wicked Whoopies puts a spin on this classic Maine treat by offering pretty much any flavor you can think of. Varieties include black forest, lemon, pumpkin, mint, and orange creamsicle, to name a few of the more unusual ones. Wicked Whoopies even offers a jumbo pie that feeds 12-18.

Wilbur’s of Maine

Wilbur’s of Maine is a family owned and operated chocolate shop best known for their chocolate covered blueberries. Other specialties include chocolate covered cranberries, Giant Turtles filled with homemade caramel, and 12 different flavors of malted milk balls. Their ‘Maine Mud’ chocolate sauce is also very tasty and comes in orange, mint, mocha, raspberry, chipotle, and classic dark.

Mainely Custard

Although this is definitely a treat for slightly warmer weather, Mainely Custard is worth mentioning for its delicious frozen custard. For those of you who haven’t tried it, frozen custard is similar to ice cream but is made with eggs in addition to cream and sugar, which creates a very rich and creamy consistency. Mainely Custard features a specialty flavor each day. A few from last summer include pumpkin pie, maple, and white chocolate macadamia. They’ll be open for the season beginning in April!