Days 5 & 6 in a Week in Freeport, Maine

With such spectacular views from Mt. Washingt, Eric and Katie knew it would be a tough act to follow.  Waking well-rested and having enjoyed another full breakfast at James Place Inn, they headed to Portland and the Portland Museum of Art to take in the latest exhibit.  They strolled the streets of Portland and took in a casual lunch, enjoying Portland’s many fine restaurants.  They returned to Freeport in late afternoon for a quick rest before heading off to the evening’s adventure; a sunset kayak trip with L.L. Bean.  (6:30-9:00pm).  They shared their photos with us and they were amazing!  The sunset photo here is a view they enjoyed in the waters of Casco Bay.

Day 6 was yet another great adventure.  The couple hit the Maine Maritime Museum in Bath.  This was a highlight as the ship building history was highly interesting for both.  Later in the day they moved a bit further up the coast to take in the Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens. 

Katie and Eric returned to James Place Inn Bed and Breakfast for a good night’s rest, some afternoon snacks, and looking forward to breakfast in the morning.