Explore Casco Bay With Calendar Islands Tours

The "Pamela B"

The “Pamela B”

Explore Casco Bay with Calendar Islands Tours.  (Casco Bay is often referred to as the Calendar Islands as you could visit a different island every day of the year).  New this year, this is a great way to experience Casco Bay.  Bring your friends and family and enjoy everything from relaxing Evening Cruises along the bay to Eco Cruises that have a more educational spin.

Captain Peter Milholland, principal owner and operator of Calendar Islands Tours, is an experienced, professional mariner and marine educator with over twenty-five years of expertise in developing and maintaining marine educational programs. Peter wants to pass his knowledge of Casco Bay on to others and he states, “Calendar Islands Tours is a way for locals and visitors to directly experience the spectacular beauty and wonders of Casco Bay.”

There are currently five tours to choose from.  At least one of these great cruises is sure to pique your curiosity:
The Eagle Island State Park Tour offers a glimpse into the fascinating life of Admiral Robert E. Peary, known for his extensive explorations to the North Pole. Eagle Island is a water access only State Park, and a must see for anyone who enjoys coastal Maine. Time: 3 hours, plus 15 minute shuttle each way from downtown Freeport.

Eagle Island

Eagle Island

Eco-Tours will explore the mysteries of the Casco Bay’s ecosystem through the use of plankton nets to view the microscopic world of the bay. Watch for seals, shore birds, and other marine wildlife while winding our way through the islands. Time: 1.5 hours, plus 15 minute shuttle each way from downtown Freeport.Eagle Island Tour2

The Evening Tour takes you out to see the changing colors of the night sky and quieting wildlife along the islands and ledges of northern Casco Bay. This tour provides an opportunity for beautiful photographs and admiration of the ever changing landscape of the ocean. Time: 1.5 hours, plus 15 minute shuttle each way from downtown Freeport.

The Bites on the Bay Tour is a Scenic Sunday tour that winds its way through the beautiful islands and ledges of Freeport and Harpswell, Maine, while sipping coffee and enjoying pastries from the area. We will pass several historic landmarks made from locally quarried granite which command the landscape while offering a peek into local history. Time: 3 hours, plus 15 minute shuttle each way from downtown Freeport.

Private Charters are offered for wedding parties, corporate wine and dine excursions, wildlife/environmental conservation organizations outings, and local photography clubs looking to conduct scenic excursions or educational tours.

We are delighted to welcome Captain Peter and Calendar Islands Tours to South Freeport.  To book one of these tours, visit www.calendarislandstours.com and make your reservation today.  You will be glad you did.