Freeport Maine Hotels: Why A Bed and Breakfast Is Better!

Freeport Maine Hotels: Why A Bed and Breakfast is Better!

  1. Personalized Service – we are the owners and the operators.  We pride ourselves on service and creating a great experience for you.
  2. Unique Properties – ever wake up in “another hotel” and wonder where you are because they all look the same?  All seven of our rooms are uniquely different, offering their own personality.
  3. Gourmet Breakfast – we prepare everything from scratch and work to source as many things locally as possible.  No prepackaged food here.
  4. Freshly baked snacks – the cookie jar is always full!
  5. Concierge Service – we are here to help before and during your stay.  Looking for places to go hiking, kayaking, shopping, dining…you name it, we can usually find it.
  6. Packages designed for you – if you are looking to help surprise that special someone, we have packages designed for you.  Looking for something different?  Let us know and we will work with you on that, too.
  7. Nice people – bed and breakfasts attract nice people.  Our guests are great!
  8. Great location  – due to the smaller size of our bed and breakfasts, we are situated into the neighborhood and are part of the town, convenient to local attractions.
  9. Hang where the locals hang – want to know where the locals go for great seafood, or where the best beach in Maine is?  Who better to ask than us, the ones who live and work here.
  10. Did I mention personalized service?  We truly love what we do and we are here for you.

bed and breakfast signI realize a bed and breakfast is not for everyone.  Some people like the anonymity of a larger hotel property and many families like the indoor swimming pool.  However, if you are looking for that romantic getaway or your goal is to try something new, give us a call.  After one experience, most people are hooked!