Freeport Theater of Awesome

Freeport Theater of Awesome has a great lineup for 2014.  For those unfamiliar with the theater, it is a theater offering live performances and providing world-class, family-friendly variety entertainment.  The theater continues to be such a wonderful addition to Freeport, allowing guests to shop, have dinner and take in a show, all without moving their car!

The 2014 lineup features Cabaret, Children’s Theater, Concerts, and a wide selection of family entertainment.  The summer looks to be especially Awesome with the addition of a weekly Late Night Comedy Show and some Acoustic Music sessions. beer and wine will also be available at all adult-only shows.  Be sure to check at to be sure of shows and show times however, Thursday and Friday nights are planned as Variety Shows while Saturday nights will feature the Late Night Comedy Sow and Sundays will be for Acoustic Music.

Starting things off April 4 and 5 is “Legends: The Music of Judy Garland.”  This is written

Legends; The Music Of Judy Garland

and performed by Kelly Caufield.  The show will feature many of Garland’s most famous songs and will also include a few major medleys; one devoted to her movie music and one devoted to her Gershwin recordings.  Ms. Caufield has an amazing voice and this is a show not to be missed.

Freeport Theater of Awesome is just two blocks from James Place Inn Bed and Breakfast.  When making plans to visit Freeport, be sure to ask about the theater and make it part of your evening plans.  You’ll be glad you did!