Friends Meet in Freeport, Maine – James Place Inn Bed and Breakfast

We have often said that we are fortunate to have some of the nicest people stay with us here at James Place Inn Bed and Breakfast and we love it when we hear guests talking and laughing over breakfast.  The past few months have been no exception.  We have had guests with us from all over  the world and they have made new friends here at James Place Inn.  In August, wonderful and fun folks from Scotland made new friends with second-time visitors from Illinois; regular guests from Connecticut met regular guests from California…it is such a treat to learn that names and numbers have been exchanged and that people are planning to meet back up here in the future.  Stories are shared, life experiences are found to be similar, maybe there are even some people that you know in common.  After all, the best part of travel is often not what you see but the people you meet along the way and the unique story they have to share.  It is truly one of the things we enjoy most about being innkeepers – meeting all of you.  Social Friends Network Globe Stock Image - Image: 18832971