Holiday Shopping in Freeport, Maine

Gift Packing(Wrapping)Box(GFB0012) - China Gift Box, Cardboard Gift ...The air was very cool this morning and we had our first frost of the season at James Place Inn.  Not a hard frost however one can tell that it is not far off.  With the true coming of fall (because, face it, we have had a beautiful and mild fall) comes thoughts of the holiday season.  Halloween is but ten days away, rolling into Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, and of course straight into Christmas.  Time to think about the shopping list.  A number of our guests have already completed their holiday shopping, for which I am always envious.  I cannot seem to think about it before November 1st.  If you are one of these people, no need to worry – there is plenty of time to panic (or plan)!  New stores have opened in Freeport this year, including one that features just Maine-made gifts.  It has something for everyone and supports local entrepreneurs at the same time.  All of our outlets and retail stores are also here and gearing up for the season.  Make your list and then make your plans to head to Freeport, Maine and James Place Inn Bed and Breakfast to take care of all of your holiday needs.