James Place Inn Room Features – Try All of Them!

Many of our guests request a tour of the inn and we accommodate them whenever possible (when the rooms are unoccupied, of course).  All of our rooms here at the inn have their own unique decorating, making them each have their own unique personality.  The rooms here at James Place Inn go by color, so you can start by choosing your favorite.  The Green room is painted a lovely shade of sage green and is very calming and soothing; Yellow room is a soft yellow and is sunny and warm; Wisteria is a beautiful lilac hue and says spring; Rose room is traditional with a claw-foot Jacuzzi tub and Victorian decor; Blue room is reminiscent of a Maine cottage with fresh white and yellow accents; Taupe room is subdued and the shade of cocoa; and Pine room reminds one of stepping into a Maine cabin – warm, cozy and inviting, with its own fireplace and deck.

We are fortunate enough to see quite a number of our guests several times a year.  Some have a favorite room that they request every time.  Others have several rooms they enjoy, based upon the season.  Still other guests are out to try every room in the inn before deciding on a favorite.  It is great fun to hear what people like about each room, what it reminds them of, and why it might be a favorite.  Take a look at the rooms here on our web site and then come see them for yourself.  Go ahead, try to pick a favorite!

Green RoomYellow RoomWistera RoomRose RoomBlue RoomTaupe RoomPine Room