LL Bean 100 Year Anniversary

There are not many companies around today that can boast being 100 years old.  L.L. Bean is one of the best and celebrates their 100-year anniversary this year, 2012 and we are pleased, and proud, to call the same town “home.”

LL Bean is just one of the many stores here in Freeport and one that is rich in history.  The great success of this company comes from their core values: take care of the customer and the customer will take care of the rest.  For anyone visiting LL Bean for the first time, you will immediatley notice the service level of every employee.  They strive to take care of each and every customer, greeting them as they walk through the doors.  Our guests are often amazed at the attention they receive while in the stores.  This commitment to detail and customers is what has made LL Bean so successful and still standing after 100 years. 

Innovation and the ability to invent new things also help to keep LL Bean fresh and inviting to customers.  The Outdoor Discovery School is one that is a favorite we like to recommend to our guests.  It provides a great opportunity to turn your vacation into an adventure by trying something new; try kayaking, fly-fish casting, archery, or clay shooting.  Each adventure lasts about 2 hours and costs just $20.00/person, all instruction and equipment provided.  The personnel are knowledgable, fun, and truly enjoy their work.  Other adventures include biking tours and paddle boarding.  All for your enjoyment .  Guests who have tried these have really had a great time!

There are many events throughout the year to celebrate this milestone, the big event being around the July 4th weekend.  The town will be all decked out in its “hometown finest” to celebrate, including our parade, amazing fireworks, free concerts in LL Bean’s Discovery Park, and many other events.  All of this to celebrate a great company, a commitment to excellence and the wonderful town we all call home.