LL Bean Outdoor Discovery School Adds Adventure

ODS LogoLL Bean Outdoor Discovery School (ODS) Adds Adventure To Your Stay.  Not familiar with the many adventures awaiting you through LL Bean’s ODS?  Everything from clay shooting to kayaking to bird watching awaits you.

The ODS has a variety of events and offers something for everyone, from the novice to the most experienced.  If it is your first time trying kayaking, standup paddle boarding, fly fish casting, clay shooting, or archery, be sure to check out the ODS desk at the LL Bean flagship store when you visit Freeport.  There you will find helpful people to answer questions and all sorts of information regarding the ODS experience.  Best part: not only is there something for everyone, it is also just $25/person.  That includes all equipment and instruction for your 2-3 hour experience.  The instructors are top notch and love what they do.  Having done a number of these myself, the instructors are part of the experience and what makes it so fun.

Recently added to the ODS family are Kids’ Camps and Teen Adventures.  If you are traveling to Maine this summer and want your child/teen to experience something of the Maine outdoors (and not their cell phone or computer), explore one of these opportunities for them.  They are day adventures and you can sign your kid up for a week or even multiple weeks.  They will come back full of stories about their action-packed adventures, the people they met and the new things they learned.  Your child over 12 years of age?  The Teen Adventures are for them.  They can experience a day kayaking trip or an overnight kayak/camping experience.  There is no better way to explore the outdoors, build confidence in your child, and learn new skills than one of these adventures.

For you Birders out there, the LL Bean ODS bird watching trips and tours are a must.  The Maine Coast is on the migratory path of many birds and renowned ornithologist Dr. Jeff Wells leads these tours and knows where to find the best views for the birds moving through Maine.  Monhegan IslandThere is also an option to day-trip to Monhegan Island for some amazing bird watching among some spectacular views.  These trips do fill up fast, so be sure to register beforehand.

Biking ODSThere are many more outdoor opportunities, including biking, fly fishing courses, hiking…check out their site for more information.  Once you schedule your adventure, be sure to call James Place Inn and book your stay with us.  We will start your day with a full gourmet breakfast to send you on your way, and the cookie jar and tea will be waiting to greet you upon your return.  We want to hear all about your experience, so please be ready to share your story!  Make your plans now and let us know if we can help.  We look forward to seeing you soon!