LL Bean Outdoor Discovery Schools – A Fun Way to Try Something New!

LL Bean Outdoor Discovery School offers a fun and unique way to try something new while here in Freeport.  The Outdoor Discovery School offers “walk-on” adventures lasting just a few hours where all gear and guidance is supplied by LL Bean and their talented team of guides.  All you have to do is show up and have some fun!  The adventures offered in the late-spring and throughout the summer include kayaking, archery, fly-fish casting, and clay shooting.  Each of these adventures is a bargain at $20.00, all inclusive.  The guides are fun and knowledgeable and clearly enjoy what they do.  We have had guests sign up for several adventures in one day and have such a great time they have signed up for longer adventures the following day (half-day kayaking adventures are available, as are sunset kayak tours on Casco Bay).

LL Bean also offers extended adventures for bicycling tours, including overnight camping excursions.  These offer a great view of various areas of Maine and the opportunity to add a camping adventure as part of your vacation.  Other extended programs are also available for kayaking, fly-fish casting, paddle-boarding and more.  Each of these can be two-day adventures, really allowing you to experience and enjoy all that the Maine coast has to offer.

When planning your vacation to Freeport this summer, be sure to build in an extra day to try something new that you have always wanted to try, be it kayaking, clay shooting, archery, or fly-fish casting.  You will have so much fun you will want to stay longer and try other new adventures while here in Maine!  And be sure to reserve your room here at James Place Inn.  We will have it ready and waiting when you arrive.  Perhaps a Jacuzzi room would be a nice treat after a day of adventure.

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