Maine Flower Show 2017

The Maine Flower Show 2017 is set to open Wednesday, March 29 and running through Sunday, April 2.  This is one of my favorite events, heralding in spring and thinking of digging in the dirt!

The Maine Flower Show is typically held two weeks earlier than it is this year.  The latest of the event is a plus as it means that there will be more and different flowers than in years past.  The extra two weeks of hot weather and bright sun in the greenhouses means more plants are ready to go.  There are three Maine companies growing flowers and plants for the show.  While there have been concerns in years past that there were not enough plants available for sale, rest easy this year as there is to be an abundance of plants available for purchase.  Some of these plants, perennials, will be ready for planting outdoors the first week of April.  One of the companies will be offering pansies, ranuculus, and more.  A sure sign of spring!  (Regardless of what it looks like outside).

A big push for the show is helping home owners to understand that they can buy plants that are locally grown, already tested by growers in this climate, and keeping employment local.  While people are aware of buying local for fruits and vegetables, this is often forgotten when it comes to ornamental plants.

The Maine Flower Show’s theme this year is “Plant Something.”  This is again in reference of supporting local and recognizing the benefits for the environment, health, and local financials when we plant trees and shrubs.

This event is such a great way to herald in spring and think ahead to what you want your garden and hard scape to look like.  Make a weekend of it and enjoy the show and local sites.  James Place Inn makes a perfect outpost, just 20 minutes from Thompson’s Point where the show is taking place.  General admission price is $15, with the ticket good for one day of the show.