New Knitting/Yarn Shop in Freeport

Hello to all of you knitters out there! Freeport welcomes a new knitting store, “Mother of Purl.” Located at 541 US Route One in Freeport, the shop is just about one mile from James Place Inn Bed and Breakfast. The shop is warm and welcoming and offers a beautiful selection of yarns, pattern books and all of the supplies you might need. A recent guest who is an avid knitter visited the shop and gave it two thumbs up, really enjoying her experience and being quite pleased with the selection offered.

In addition to the beautiful selection of yarns, “Mother of Purl” also offers a wide variety of classes, something for every level. For example, several sock classes are offered. One is for the more experienced knitter “Two at a Time, Toe UP” while another sock class appeals to us less experienced knitters, “The Joy of Socks.” Most of the classes are for two afternoons (usually Saturday afternoon) and are quite reasonable in price.

Many of us often need help as we start knitting and begin new projects. “Mother of Purl” has thought of this and offers a weekly class “Knit 1, Purl 1, H-E-L-P!!” This is something that really speaks to me as I often find myself knitting in the evening, only to make an error and need help before I can pick things back up again. This class addresses just that. I also get the sense that the owner would also be happy to help with basic questions any time.

“Mother of Purl” is a great addition to Freeport and we are glad to have them here, and so close to James Place Inn and town. We hope they enjoy a long and prosperous stay here in Freeport!