Pine Room Remodel Finished at James Place Inn

The Pine Room remodel at James Place Inn is Finished!  It took several weeks (there are always delays) however we think you will find it to be worth the wait.Pine5

For those of you who have stayed with us and enjoyed the Pine Room, we think you will like the changes.  The bathroom has been enlarged by about two feet.  The shower that was in place has been torn out and replaced with a beautiful custom built tile shower, thanks to Robin.  The tile is white and really adds to the enlarged space.  The sink has been relocated by moving it over about six inches, again really adding needed space to the bathroom area.  To top it off, the bathroom has been painted a warm red.  The red and white combination is really awesome!  Bright and cheerful and really goes nicely with the other décor already in Pine room.

We also took advice from regulars and added a second rocker and a table between the two Pine1 Pine2chairs.  This created great space to put those books, snacks and drinks while enjoying a movie or cozying up to a warm fire.  Again, regular visitors may recall a large red chair in the corner.  That has been taken out and replaced with the rocker.  We asked a number of visitors and were told “the room really calls for rockers” each and every time.

Robin is pleased to have this second bathroom renovation in two months complete.  Thank goodness he is so handy and talented when it comes to this stuff.  Now that the weather has finally warmed up a bit, we will be moving on to those yard projects.  No shortage of those this year either – although I cannot wait to fill those flower boxes!