Top 10 Things To Do on a Rainy Day in Maine

Needless to say, we have had our fair share of rain the past month.  It is a beautiful day today however, and due to be a beautiful weekend.  Nonetheless, it is always good to have a plan for that next rainy day in Maine.  Here are the things we, and our guests, recommend to fully enjoy a rainy day in Maine:

1.  Tour ligthouses – sounds crazy, however the rain, and perhaps the fog, lends real authenticity to lighthouses and the rocks to climb around them and the lobster shacks to enjoy beside them.

2.  See a show; there are great productions at Maine State Music Theater in Brunswick (10 minutes away) or the Nordica movie theater, just one block away from James Place Inn.

3.  Go to a museum; Maine Maritime Museum, Portland Art Museum, Freeport Historical Society, just t name a few.

4.  Antiques; go antique shopping (see our blog of June 4th for some ideas).  A newly discovered place for us, and a new favorite, is Timeless Cottage in Brunswick.  We just found the perfect chair for the Rose room here.  Come check it out!

5.  Shop Freeport; need we say more?

6.  Enjoy a “Foodie Tour” of Portland.  Yes, these are real tours and yes, they are a lot of fun!  Portland is big on the food scene and there are some great places to check out – even in the rain.

7.  Take a drive to Orr and Bailey Islands and watch the waves come in and the rain come down while having a hot cup of chowder at Cook’s Lobster House.

8.  Book a massage, foot soak or “mani/pedi” at one of the great spas in the area.  We will be happy to make recommendations and reservations for your enjoyment.

9.  Relax and curl up with a good book you have been meaning to read, and finish!  Or enjoy a long overdue nap.  When do any of us really get to do this any more?!

10.  Peruse the movie collection here at James Place Inn (there are over 120 movies) and enjoy the movie in your room with a fire (to ward off the chill) or in one of our Jacuzzi tub rooms.  Plan where to have a delicious, hot meal.