Winter Has Arrived in Freeport, Maine!

Winter has finally arrived here in Freeport, Maine.  Christmas Day brought a lovely snowfall that turned into a nice winter storm on Wednesday, delivering abou 10 inches of fresh powdery snow.  It is a beautiful winter wonderland and many of us snow-lovers are glad to finally see it.  We have had a great time sledding for the past few days and the snow shoes are on the agenda for tomorrow, perhaps cross-country skiing as well.  We have guests here from Florida and they were hoping to try their hand at some winter fun and are thrilled to have that chance.  One of the best ways to try cross-country skiing and snow shoeing is through LL Bean’s Outdoor Discovery Schools.  Located just one block from us here at James Place Inn Bed and Breakfast, they offer daily adventures (weather dependent, of course) with trained instructors and equipment provided.  Guests were there today and had an amazing time in the fresh snow, enjoying the trails and sunlight.  What a great way to spend a winter’s morning or afternoon.  For those experienced cross-country skiers, there are many great trails in the Freeport area to explore and enjoy.  For the “inner child” in you, there are some great hills around for sledding.  Living in the Northeast is a great excuse to be a kid and embrace all of the fun things winter has to offer.  Come see us in Freeport and check it out!    Cross-Country Skiing at L.L.Bean