Month: December 2012

Relaxing At James Place Inn Bed and Breakfast, Freeport, Maine

Guests at James Place Inn Bed and Breakfast in Freeport, Maine often comment on the relaxing atmosphere of our inn – “a home away from home.”  Some recent guests really took advantage of their time here before the holidays to relax by the fire in Pine Room (always fully stocked with wood) with a good book… Read more »

Winter Has Arrived in Freeport, Maine!

Winter has finally arrived here in Freeport, Maine.  Christmas Day brought a lovely snowfall that turned into a nice winter storm on Wednesday, delivering abou 10 inches of fresh powdery snow.  It is a beautiful winter wonderland and many of us snow-lovers are glad to finally see it.  We have had a great time sledding for… Read more »

New Year’s Celebration in Freeport, Maine

Celebrate New Year’s in Freeport, Maine!  People often want to visit Freeport after Christmas to check out the sales, spend gift cards, and take in the New Years celebration goin on throughout town.  The streets are bustling with people enjoying time off from work and school.  Weather permitting, bringing us snow that is, we will also… Read more »

Sparkle Weekend at James Place Inn Bed and Breakfast in Freeport, Maine

Sparkle weekend is here once again.  Freeport is all decked out for the holidays with lights filling the streets, music in the stores, candles in the windows, and trees all alight.  I enjoyed a walk last evening and it really was beautiful.  The weather was brisk yet mild for December, a hint of fog along… Read more »

Shopping, And So Much More in Freeport, Maine

This is a busy time of year for most folks; shopping, baking, holiday parties.  Remember to take a little time for yourself to enjoy this magical season and all that it has to offer.  Here in Freeport, there is plenty of shopping to be had however, there are also little pleasures.  For instance, take a… Read more »